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Case study: Intelligence collaboration challenges solved at East Valley Gang & Criminal Information Fusion Center

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Co. – When the EVGCI Fusion Center was first stood up, most of the effort, planning, and budget was focused on which agencies would participate as stakeholders and provide personnel to collaborate on criminal analysis and crime reduction operations as well as the furniture, hardware, and media needs of a fusion center. As the fusion center began to operationalize as a centralized …
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Fechheimer Brothers Company celebrates 175 years of uniforming excellence

CINCINNATI – Fechheimer Brothers Company (Fechheimer), the parent company of the premier uniform brand Flying Cross and low-profile apparel and gear brand Vertx, celebrated its 175th year of service to the U.S. Military and Public Safety markets at the annual IACP Conference and Exposition. Fechheimer has been designing and manufacturing uniforms since 1842, and is headquartered in Cincinnati …
Source: Policemen – products